Our Values: A Connected Canopy

At Gunnison our values define us and guide us on conducting business everyday. We don’t compromise on these core values of Integrity, People, Safety, Proactive, Urgency and operating with a personal touch, but use these values to govern our company and take care of our customers, partners and employees. These are an integral part of the Gunnison brand and our culture.


Everything we do involves integrity.

We firmly believe the foundation that integrity brings is a must to enable long term success of all people we touch and the communities we serve. We hire for integrity. We are uncompromising about the integrity of our employees, those we partner with and the customers we serve. We work to ensure integrity is upheld in all that we do.

Invest in People

People are our success.

Our culture revolves around the people we employee, serve and by extension their families and their communities. We take social responsibility for whomever or whatever we touch. We invest heavily in individuals and in creating healthy, strong relationships, at all levels. We aim for our employees, partners and customers to grow and thrive with us. When people thrive, their communities thrive.

Advanced Safety

Safety first. Always.

We are serious and uncompromising when it comes to safety. We care about the safety of all people, communities and assets we touch. Proactive safety measures and continuous improvement is integrated into everything we do. We foster a culture of safety with communication, skill, training, programming and continuous improvement.

Proactive Everywhere

Being “pro-active” is critical to our success.

We push to be “pro-active” in everything we do. It is critical to our mutual success. We enhance our productivity, quality of service and pride by being pro-active. We are proactive with safety, maintenance, communication, training, innovation and more.

“A lack of responsiveness isn’t the problem in most organizations — it’s a failure to be proactive.”
— Barry Conchie

Agile Response with Urgency

Responding and adapting quickly is who we are.

We value and drive a sense of urgency in everything we do. We are responsive in all areas, we solve problems thoughtfully yet quickly, adapt and act. We structure our organizations at every level so that we can work together to be agile and flexible for both employees and customers. We are transparent.

Personal Approach

We make it personal.

We treat people as individuals. We value and foster long-term, genuine relationships.

A Connected Canopy - Gunnison Values

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